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Color Wheel

by Dave Menzo

Color Wheel takes you on a journey through Menzo's songwriting, and tells the story of how Chromesthesia affects his interaction with the world.

Dave Menzo: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, harp, flute, ukulele, toy piano, synthesizer, kaossilator and DL4 looping

Additional musicians:

Glenn Brown: Buchla, tape effects

Scott Kendall: Upright Bass on tracks 1-4, 6

Nick Ayers: CongAs, bongos, and intro vocal on “Share the Laughter”

Kim Lock: Viola on “Looking Back at You” 

Keith Kinnear: Additional Engineering on Tracks 1,2,4,11 at Backseat Productions

Photography Dave Menzo and Tabbatha Plomaritas. Design by Dave Menzo, Pete Ayers and Joel Gutzki.

Written, recorded and produced by Dave Menzo Mixed and Mastered with Glenn Brown at GBP Studios. 

A sincere thank you to my family, friends and supporters who helped make this happen!

©2014 Dave Menzo    BIRDS ARISE! PUBLISHING    All Rights Reserved

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Menzo performs "Ocean Turned Blue" from his new album Shhh..., which was written and recorded exclusively using instruments checked out from the Ann Arbor District Library. This version features the solo looping rig that Menzo often uses in his life performances: acoustic guitar, vocals, beatboxing, bass, synthesizer, looper, and effects.


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